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Interning with BOOST Collaborative has been an unforgettable experience. I learned so much these past few months, and I will take my newfound knowledge and appreciation for quality out-of-school time programs to pursue a career in teaching. The BOOST team is very supportive and has treated me like part of the family, which has made my time here that more special. Not only did I learn about the importance of out-of-school time programs, but I also gained a lot of confidence in myself, and I will take that confidence with me through life.
-Alannah Dye, Event Planning Intern, Fall 2016

The BOOST Ambassador Internship Program will not only teach you different styles of marketing and event planning, but also encourage you to give feedback and put your creative spin into things. Your ideas and opinions are valued here, and everyone is treated equal.
-Madhu Chandnani, Marketing Intern, Fall 2016

To me, working at BOOST was much more than just an opportunity to learn or gain some work experience. First and foremost, BOOST is a company with a purpose-driven goal, and a very noble one at that. Education is the foundation for a better society, and BOOST recognizes that. So when I'd come into the office early in the morning, I knew I'd be working not only to better myself, but also for the benefit of so many others.
-Glen Park, Program Development Intern, Summer 2016

BOOST provides an environment where everyone is motivated to do his or her best and inspires change. My experience this summer allowed me to take on multiple projects, work alongside a passionate team, and take part in a business that makes a difference in the community. BOOST provides so many opportunities for growth and learning that will inevitably become helpful in my future. I'm privileged to have interned for a company I was proud of and to have been a part of the BOOST family.
-Jenny Han, Social Media & Marketing Intern, Summer 2016

From my first day of my interview at BOOST through my last day as an intern, I enjoyed coming into the office and working with the incredibly dedicated and inviting staff.
The internship program is one of a kind experience that fosters learning and skill development everyday. Throughout the internship I was encouraged, supported, and able to expand my knowledge in a professional workplace. As an intern, I felt like more than just an intern, but as a part of the BOOST Team. Interning for an inspiring and passionate company like BOOST is an experience that I will never forget.
-Danielle Trujillo, Event Planning Intern, Summer 2016

I personally think one of the things that makes the BOOST Ambassador Program so unique and rewarding is the fact that they trust and value you no matter your age or background. Everyone is cared for and taken into account. Being able to feel part of the team and make lifelong friendships at BOOST is like no other. BOOST is also very flexible and is willing to work with you to best accommodate you, which is truly a blessing. The environment of the office is very laid back and just being able to be in the heart of the city is so wonderful. Overall BOOST does things the way they should be done!
-Samantha Rodriguez, High School Intern, Spring 2016

BOOST Collaborative provided a space for learning and growth. They created many opportunities for me to learn skills I did not previously have. I have never done an internship before and this was a great first experience. They made me feel comfortable and I never felt out of place here. I was very nervous before coming into the internship but they eased me in and made sure that I understood everything. I felt very supported and everyone in the office was there to help me with anything. All in all, I had a great experience and loved every moment of my internship.
-Sabelle Garcia, 2016 High School Intern, Spring 2016

BOOST is unique in that although their mission is to provide resources and development opportunities for professionals in OST, in the process they are engaging in professional growth as well. There seems to be endless opportunities at BOOST as you are consistently networking and building on to the BOOST community. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals allowed me to continue growing in this field by feeding off of their passions. I enjoyed being in an environment where dreams are encouraged and wishes come true through the love and support of the BOOST family. I am forever grateful to be a part of this family and plan to continue building on to my journey in after school.
-Jasmine Reaves, Program Development Intern, Spring 2016

BOOST is a growing small business that accomplishes big business objectives. There is never a dull moment at BOOST! Every meeting, project, and goal is intentionally set forth to ensure success. This was an amazing experience, and I am happy to have been a part of the BOOST experience.   
-Dennis Perry, Event Planning Intern, Spring 2016

Although my internship has gone by so fast, my time at BOOST has been an amazing experience. The team is always available to answer questions and help with whatever is asked. It was great to be a part of a professional, hard working, productive workplace. I have been shown and have created meaningful work in the real world and was influenced by the team to not make excuses and do what your whatever your heart is set on! BOOST makes a difference everyday and has inspired me to make a difference as well.   
-Madison Fessia, 2015 Spring Intern

Time has come and gone, during my internship at BOOST Collaborative I got a lot of exposure to the out-of-school time field and its community. It has been a privilege to be here with amazing and extremely passionate people. Team BOOST has definitely left a mark in my life and has inspired me to be a role model not just at home but in my community and wherever I may go. I won’t forget the inspiration, encouragement, and motivation I got from BOOST they are forever ingrained in my heart! Thank you for teaching me skills that will follow me in my professional endeavors and in life.  
-Barbara Ascencio-Mancilla, 2014 Summer Intern

I am so glad that my first internship experience is with BOOST Collaborative. I gained so much knowledge about the out-of-school time field, as well as being a professional within the workplace. The staff was amazingly helpful and inspiring, always encouraging me in my creative process. With my experience at BOOST, I feel as if I can succeed in whatever I do in the future. Interning at BOOST has also inspired me to desire change within youth services provided to students, as well as in society itself.
- Haley Gorman, BOOST Ambassador

Working with the BOOST Team is like working with a family! I was accepted with open arms into a group that is dedicated and passionate about a wonderful cause. This incredible opportunity allowed me to gain experience in a professional setting and gave me a glimpse into the world outside of my college bubble. I felt trusted, supported and inspired while working here and always looked forward to coming into the office. My experience at BOOST has given me a great foundation for a successful future and I am so happy to have been part of this team.
- Stephanie Barker, 2014 Spring Intern

I have held many internships and BOOST Collaborative has been by far my favorite place to intern. BOOST has a well organized internship program that has equipped me with marketable skills that I can utilize in the competitive workforce. I had the opportunity to collaborate on multiple projects, learn how to create community partnerships, and meet influential people in the out-of-school time industry. At BOOST they don't treat you like an intern but as a valuable part of the team. All of the people who work at BOOST Collaborative are very passionate about making positive change in people's lives. I would recommend this internship to anyone looking for a company that they can be proud to work for. I cannot say enough about how much I loved working for BOOST Collaborative.
- Jessica Lindquist, 2013 Summer Intern

Having the opportunity to Intern at BOOST has been an incredible experience. From the first day I came in for my interview down to the last minutes of my time at BOOST it hasn't been anything short of a beneficial learning process, mixed with a tight family setting. It was amazing to be a part of such a small group of people that all encompass the ability to put on a national conference, plus so much more. Not only was I able to meet so many wonderful people along the way, I was able to learn about myself and grow as a person through my interaction with Tia and the BOOST Leadership Team.
- Katie Rehnberg, 2013 Spring Intern

My time as an intern at BOOST afforded me a wealth of unforgettable experiences and growth opportunities. As my first peek in to the professional world, I was definitely challenged in the office setting and developed an eclectic skill set to prepare me for my next journey. I had the privilege of working with contagiously passionate and empowered individuals who were eager to share their experience and enthusiasm. My work has reignited my passion to serve youth through the out-of-school time field, and BOOST was a great step in that direction.
- Ann Pulido, 2013 Spring Intern

My internship at BOOST allowed me the opportunity to grow as a young professional and gain experience working in an office setting. The ability to have such close relationships with individuals working in the out-of-school time field is a unique and amazing aspect of the internship program. It further inspired me to continue in the realm of working with both young professionals and the children they serve.
- Ashley Girodo, 2012 Fall Intern

Interning at BOOST was a great and inspiring experience! I enjoyed working on various levels of out-of-school time programming and working with folks from all over the country to advance youth development.  I met many wonderful people and am thankful for the opportunity to be involved with BOOST!
- Kristin Stayer, 2012 Summer Intern

Interning at BOOST was such a memorable experience. I learned so much and felt supported and encouraged the whole time. I look forward to going out and applying all the professional and personal skills that were taught to me by Tia and the staff
- Erika Castedo, 2012 Summer Intern

It was so great to be a part of such a tight-knit and fun work environment. I was challenged throughout my internship, and came out having learned a lot about myself and about working in an office.
- Maia Ferdman, 2012 Summer Intern

I enjoyed my time at BOOST Collaborative, specifically working in a small-office environment.  It was  amazing to work in the budding field of Social Media and BOOST gave me the first step in advancing my career in that field.
- Fernando Carvalho, 2012 Summer Intern

Interning at BOOST was truly inspiring! I came to work each day learning something new and left with a smile on my face. Being a busy student, BOOST was really flexible with my schedule and we always had a solution to every problem. Working in such a loving and supportive environment motivated me to continue to grow and think outside the box.
- Thu Do, 2012 Spring Intern

A person will grow as much as his/her horizon will allow it, which is the case in interning for BOOST. I have been empowered from day one, allowing me to use my strengths, my experience and bring new ideas to the table. Moreover, BOOST encouraged me to get out of my protective shell and tackle new tasks that I wasn’t comfortable with, helping me along the process, hence learning new vital skills. I would highly recommend working for BOOST Collaborative, regardless of the background…Everyone has something to offer!
- Wissam Sabbagha, 2012 Spring Intern
BOOST has not only allowed me to work with an empowered, strong group of individuals, it has also taught me what the meaning of family in the office is. I felt like a part of the team from the minute I arrived for my first day in the BOOST offices. Coming to my internship everyday was exciting. It was also good to know the work I was doing was a contribution to a bigger battle to help better our out-of-school time programs in the community and the communities of others.
- Stesha Moore-Pavich, 2012 Spring Intern
As a post graduate adult transitioning into a new career of event planning, my internship at BOOST was exactly what I needed to keep me headed in the right direction. At BOOST, I was introduced to conference planning and all the moving parts required in making the 2012 BOOST Conference successful. It was heart-warming to see how much the conference attendees appreciated our dedication and hard work in planning and executing the conference. And, the BOOST Staff is amazing for they allowed me to learn and grow while showcasing my talents and skills in event planning.
- Terri Miller, 2012 Spring Intern
It is a non-blood related growing family owned business creating change.
- Andrew Cagle, 2009-2012 Student Intern
Interning at BOOST has been such an empowering experience as I've been able to take on numerous projects both with the team and as an individual. I have also been given the opportunity to use the strengths I already had along with gaining new skills. The BOOST team is so welcoming and questions are definitely encouraged! I would highly recommend working with BOOST, not just because of the collaborative atmosphere but because of the amazing work they do for youth and professionals in the out-of-school time field.
- Rachel Whiteside, 2011 Fall Intern

Interning for BOOST has deepened my understanding of and appreciation for out-of-school time programming. The BOOST staff are incredibly helpful and supportive-- I really feel like part of the team! I'm eager to continuing exploring new approaches to out-of-school education.
- Keighty Lautz, 2011 Summer Intern

More than anything, BOOST has allowed me to become aware of the areas I excel in as well as draw interest to improving the skills needed for running a small business or organization. BOOST Collaborative highlights the importance of working to positively influence our community and surroundings and that is something I hope to carry with me through all that I do.
- Jessica Fulco, 2011 Summer Intern

I will treasure this experience for years to come and will indeed apply what I have learned at BOOST to my future career opportunities and experiences. Thank you BOOST team!
- Elizabeth Huato, 2011 Summer Intern

The BOOST Collaborative has provided me with a wealth of information and insight into the out-of-school time field. I definitely plan on incorporating the compassion, drive, and commitment to student welfare into my own business pursuits. The BOOST Team have been phenomenal mentors!
- Ben Doctor, 2011 Summer Intern

Interning at BOOST was a wonderful way to boost my resume while earning college credit. I gained real world experience and was able to work on projects as a team as well as by myself. The best part of the internship was seeing all our hard work come together at the BOOST Conference.
 - Allison Spalding, 2011 Spring Intern
Interning at BOOST was an eye opener;  I now feel I have business and people skills needed for the future. Working with the rest of the BOOSTers has changed my life in so many ways and BOOST is a second home to me now.
- Joshua Snyder, 2011 High School Spring Intern
Interning at BOOST and being a part of the BOOST team helped me tremendously in a multitude of ways. I was able to form connections that will be cherished and shall not soon be forgotten.
- Nick Fontaine, 2011 High School Spring Intern
Interning with BOOST was a fun and meaningful experience. I learned a lot from the people around me, and got to know more about the business world. The best part is being part of the team and building a large project from scratch.
- Sunny Lu, 2010 Fall Intern
Interning at BOOST was a fun and interesting experience that allowed me to learn about myself, all while being a part of a dedicated and passionate team
- Cassandra Bareno, 2010 Summer Intern

BOOST welcomed me with open arms and always treated everyone as family. I gained valuable industry experience , which allowed me to see what areas I excel in. I plan to use my experience and knowledge from BOOST in my future career endeavors.
- Denise Zeigler, 2010 Summer Intern

Interning with the BOOST Collaborative was a great transition from college to the “real world”. I was able to contribute to larger projects and take on my own work as well. Being new to the area the internship provided me with new professionals to meet, new places to see, and a solid way to build my resume. The most rewarding part was seeing accumulation of everyone’s contributions at the end.
- Kate Nadeau, 2009 Fall Intern
As an intern with BOOST, I was able to gain real-world business skills while earning college credit. I worked with amazing people and was able to enhance my resume at the same time.
- Cailin Lynam, 2009 Summer Intern

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